So you’ve already got a hoverboard and you love cruising around upright with no hands. You might wonder why you’d ever want to do it sitting down but hear us out! Pairing a kart with your board opens a whole new level of fun. And for those of you who are hesitant to trust your own balance, the hoverboard kart is a great way to safely introduce a little speed to your day to day rides.


  1. Hoverboard Karts are great for little kids 

If your hoverboard is going to be used by a wide range of ages including little kids then adding a Kart to the mix just makes sense. Small children who don’t have the coordination to stand up and hover can easily master a hoverboard kart. You will be shocked to see just how quickly even the smallest fries learn to carve up the drive like miniature F1 racers. Because they’ll be seated it’s a much safer way for little riders to learn the ropes.

2. If you want to ride as safely as possible, do it on a Hoverkart!

Hoverboarding on 2 feet is a totally different kind of ride than hoverkarting. Owning a kart conversion kit will allow you to have the choice of riding upright at slower speeds AND ridding seated at higher speeds. Why the difference? Balance is not a factor if you are ridding seated so there is far less of a learning curve and far less fear factor involved for timid riders.

3. Big kids and parents love hoverkarts too

Help! My Dad stole my Hoverkart! A hoverboard is a substantial investment in your family’s fun so it’s only natural that parents and older siblings might want to get in on the action. Some people might feel silly (or even scared) ridding a hoverboard as an adult. Hoverboard KARTS on the other hand are totally addictive and with your seat firmly attached to your kart you’ve got nothing holding you back!

4. Wanna Race?

Of course you can race standing on a hoverboard but everybody knows the quickest way to get up speed is to be low profile. You won’t find many race cars ridding super high off the ground due to simple aerodynamics. The same logic follows with go carts, hoverboard karts and anything else. Not only will you be more aerodynamic in your hoverkart, you’ll also be safer at higher speeds because your balance won’t be challenged.

5. A whole new world of tricks

Ok, so there is one thing you can do on a hoverboard kart that you definitely CAN’T do on a hoverboard: POP A WHEELIE! Your new bag of tricks isn’t limited to just wheelies though. You can do partnered handstands, ramp jumps and all sorts of zippy carving and spinning on your kart.